The Facts Behind of Acetaminophen Lawsuit for Autism

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The Facts Behind of Acetaminophen Lawsuit for Autism

Acetaminophen is more likely to be well-known as Tylenol, which is a common Paracetamol type of medicine. However, continuous consumption of this drug would increase the possibility of autism. People already filed the Acetaminophen lawsuit for autism cases. 

Are you curious about how this drug would be related to the autism causes? Read this article to acknowledge how Acetaminophen can cause autism. 

Fact about Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen is a common name that is used to refer to Tylenol. This drug is mainly to reduce fever and pain relief as you also could know as Paracetamol. Additionally, people choose this medicine to become a must-have item in their medical box as it can cure a lot of pain.

The capability to heal pains such as muscle aches and headaches makes people forget about its normal dose. If it comes to crossing the line of the approved dosage, it would be toxic and harmful to your health. It might cause complications and especially for pregnant women, it would cause ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

There is a legal way to claim the risky uses of Acetaminophen with unusual dosage. Acetaminophen lawsuit for autism is focused on the plaintiffs’ claim of prenatal exposure that results in autism. The manufacturer holds the negligence to indirectly notify consumers about the high-risk use of Tylenol on their product. 

In addition, people also noticed that the reaching limit of Acetaminophen would increase other complications that affect health issues. Those harmful effects include hypertension and renal impairment. 

Acetaminophen Lawsuit for Autism

There are particular topics you should acknowledge to build your awareness of Acetaminophen. If you are qualified for Acetaminophen’s side effects to cause autism, you can file your claim. Regardless, how can the Acetaminophen lawsuit for autism be happening? Below are the explanations. 

a. Accusation for Johnson & Johnson

The lawsuit was filed in around 2021 with the negligent party Johnson & Johnson. According to the Nature Review Endocrinology, this manufacturer has been accused of the at-fault case with an indication that the use of Acetaminophen. There are numerous accusations sent by the plaintiffs to the manufacturer, such as:

  • Johnson & Johnson has been negligently producing harmful medicine and selling it to the market.
  • Inadequately informing consumers of its side effects.
  • Too focused on the marketing aspect saying this medicine is useful and effective to prevent minor pain.

b. Requirements for Acetaminophen Lawsuit for Autism

To file your lawsuit against Acetaminophen’s manufacturer, you have to take several actions as per its requirements. This is the list of requirements to claim your lawsuit for Acetaminophen over autism.

1. Collecting the Evidence

The very first action you should take is to collect all evidence that proves you are included in the Acetaminophen for autism case. You need to prepare your medical records with the usage of Tylenol during pregnancy. This requirement is necessary if it is available to check out.

If you purchased Acetaminophen in the drugstore, you must add the receipt of your purchase history. This would be a reference to your last purchase history for Acetaminophen and the jury can determine your activity should be real to purchase it and not a scam.

Further, you must be already prepared for medical records that show an indication that your child has been diagnosed with Neurodevelopmental disorders. The syndrome must be related to the use of Acetaminophen that exposure the effect stronger to cause autism.

Another evidence file is a record from your child’s therapist or psychiatrist to show the current condition and improvement of your child. The record also must be noted by your medical professionals to represent Acetaminophen’s side effects during your pregnancy.

2. Hire Acetaminophen Lawyers

Moreover, you need to hire a lawyer to assist you in filing your claim against a large manufacturer of Acetaminophen. You will get legal guidance from your lawyer regarding your accusation of Acetaminophen usage. 

Additionally, a lawyer will keep you updated on your Acetaminophen lawsuit for autism process. They also would passionately help you to receive a maximum amount of settlement to cover your injury. Your lawyer would know the amount of coverage you deserve for Acetaminophen cases that cause autism.

3. Determine the Damages

Several damages caused by Acetaminophen might be severe for some people. The damages include a permanent disability that affects mental health issues. Disability occurs due to the consumption of Acetaminophen will cause pain and suffering for the patients.

Additional damages caused by Acetaminophen is the possibility of losing your wages and future income. This aspect would be unfilled because impairment conditions make you unable to do activities normally. 

Acetaminophen Lawsuit for Autism Settlement

There is no fixed amount of Acetaminophen lawsuit settlement since it depends on the damages you get and how your lawyer would work on it. Nonetheless, the average amount of this case settlement starts from $300,000 up to $600,000. 

Several aspects could affect the amount of an Acetaminophen lawsuit for autism settlement including damages caused by the medicine. In this case, there are no treatments for autism aside from continuing therapy. Parents should be more aware of this case since autistic children need intensive care. 

Additionally, its settlement would be in the millions if the case was up to date in the trial. However, the court still focused on determining which parties should hold the claim. They are also still in the process of collecting more scientific pieces of evidence from experts to show the negligence.

The Relationship between Acetaminophen and Autism

According to several scientific researches related to the use of Acetaminophen could obstruct the fetal brain development system in children. Therefore, a higher likelihood of a child leads to ASD and ADHD. 

This syndrome occurs because pregnant women often choose Acetaminophen as their pain reliever. Continuously consuming this kind of Paracetamol for a long time will be severe for the baby. Advance studies found there is the possibility that Acetaminophen causes autism with a cord blood sample in newborns.

Is It Worth to File an Acetaminophen Lawsuit for Autism?

Acetaminophen truly works to cure headaches and other minor pain. People already agreed to this including pregnant women without knowing the side effects if they keep consuming this medicine. The manufacturer allegedly failed to educate their consumers of its effects, especially for pregnant women, it would cause autism.

If you are experiencing a certain situation, claim the Acetaminophen lawsuit for autism to get compensation for your case. However, several aspects will determine the amount of settlement for your case. You have to be always aware of its dosage to avoid unusual symptoms after long-term consumption.

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