Elite Water Systems Lawsuit: Get to Know

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Elite Water Systems Lawsuit: Get to Know

In recent years, there have been several allegations against the Elite Water Systems company due to issues with its products malfunctioning. What do you already know about this company? How did these allegations come about? And, has there been an Elite Water Systems lawsuit? To find out, keep reading this article!

Meet Elite Water Systems, a Brand that Provides Quality Water and Air Solutions

Everyone deserves to live at home without health and wellness issues. Then, Elite Water Systems (EWS) is a company that will help everyone achieve this wellness through clean air and water. That’s EWS, a company that offers the best wellness solutions through water and air filtration products.

Established in 2006 and based in Texas, Elite Water Systems has dedicated itself to fulfilling the needs of everyone in the United States for pure and healthy air and water quality. Not only suitable for residential use, the company’s products are also suitable for commercial, government, and educational use.

In addition, EWS claims that each of its products is better than other wellness companies. These include its ability to reduce harmful chemicals and heavy metals in water, eliminate 98% of mold and viruses in the air, as well as make your space smart through connected apps.

What Products are Sold and Which Are Subject to the Lawsuit

In general, Elite Water System is a company engaged in providing clean water and air solutions. In other words, the products offered by this company are water and air filtration. Not only water filtration, but the company also provides water softener products.

As of now, there are 10 water filtration products, 4 air filtration products, and 4 accessory products designed to provide the best health solutions to everyone. We will not discuss all of them, but 10 only is sufficient. For more details about the products, check out the bullet points below.

1. Titanium LT

A water filtration that is made using NSF/ANSI certified IAPMO standards to ensure safety. The Titanium LT system provides three stages of filtration through sediment, phosphate, and CTO carbon block filters. Not only that, but this water filtration also comes in a slim shape that is suitable for installation in tight spaces.

2. Titanium Series

A water filtration system designed using certified advanced anti-microbial technology. The purpose of this technology is to remove unwanted impurities from the water in your home. In addition, the company claims that this system can reduce lead levels by 99.7%.

3. Platinum Series

The Platinum Series is a system that not only functions as a water filtration but also as a water softener. This system will filter the water in your home at the point where it enters your home’s plumbing. In addition, it will soften your water to remove chlorine, chloramines, and VOCs.

4. Gold 1.0 Series

This is a water softener series that is designed for anyone who wants to enjoy softer water while extending the life of home appliances and pipes.

5. Gold Series 1.5

The 1.5 Gold Series is an upgraded model of the 1.0 Gold Series. The difference is that this version already uses NSF/ANSI-certified materials.

6. NRV Catalytic Carbon

NRV catalytic carbon is a product that Elite Water Systems designed to reduce chloramine and chlorine in water. Not only that, but this NRV catalytic carbon also works to eliminate unpleasant tastes and odors throughout the water supply in your building.

7. Titanium 3000 Series

Titanium 3000 is a product that can deliver great-tasting, fresh, and clean filtered water to every tap in your home. The series is slim, making it suitable for you to apply in limited home space.

8. G20, 700 Series

This product with the G20, 700 series is a water filtration that provides frustration-free filtration. In addition, this product is also equipped with a Reverse Osmosis system and smart technology to make it easier to use.

9. Elite Reverse Osmosis

It is a water filtration product that comes with advanced technology to remove mud, sand, and chemicals. With this technology, this product can improve the taste of water in your home.

10. Elite Dual-Stage Filtration

This is an elite reverse osmosis system that comes with carbon plus filtration to ensure superior water quality and taste. It removes water impurities while improving the color, taste, and odor of your drinking water.

In addition to water filtration, Elite Water Systems also provides a range of water filtration products and supporting items. These products include HealthWay-Super-V, HealthWay Deluxe, HealthWay Compact, Awair Element, Moen Flo, Phyn Plus Leak Detection, and Grohe Blue.

Then, out of the 18 products that the company has created, which ones are subject to the lawsuit? Unfortunately, there is still no certainty and investigation regarding which product models are being sued. But, one certain thing is that these products that were sued by some people are products from the water filtration category.

The Settlement of Elite Water Systems Lawsuit

According to an investigation conducted by WBTV, Elite Water Systems is being sued for installing faulty water filtration in home water systems. The people who filed the lawsuit claimed that the water filtration products they purchased from the company did not function normally and properly.

In addition, some upset customers also filed allegations against Elite Water Systems for violating regulations. These allegations say that EWS employees did not acquire a permit and did not properly connect the water filtration to the customers’ home water systems.

Moreover, some customers also encountered problems where they continued to make payments because they got financing to buy water filtration systems from Elite Water Systems. This is certainly detrimental to the customers as they are continuously required to pay for a product that does not work at all.

However, to date, there has been no clarification or legal settlement as there are still a few allegations against EWS. In other words, there has been no Elite Water Systems lawsuit. There are only investigations and inquiries to find customers who are experiencing the same complaints about the company’s water filtration failures.

Have You Known About An Elite Water Systems Lawsuit?

In conclusion, the allegations against Elite Water System regarding its non-functional water filtration products have not been settled due to the lack of reports about it. Even so, hopefully, customers who have suffered financial losses due to the non-functioning of EWS water filtration will soon be compensated appropriately.

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