Hair Injury Lawsuit: Protection from Hair Relaxer Damages

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Hair Injury Lawsuit: Protection from Hair Relaxer Damages

Hair injury lawsuit is a form of self-protection for several women, most of whom are African-American women, from the side effects of hair relaxer treatment or hair straightener. When compared to women of other races, African Americans are more likely to use hair relaxers four times a year. 

However, what are the specifics of the lawsuit against this hair relaxer? Whose manufactured products are you referring to, and is it worthwhile to sue? Get the whole solution and explanation in this post!

The Reasons Behind the Popularity of Hair Relaxers

Using a hair relaxer is a permanent method of achieving a smooth, straight hair texture. Some individuals seek this treatment because curly hair may be knotted and difficult to maintain. In addition, during the process, the hair specialists will use a chemical procedure to straighten the hair. 

The specialist will leave the hair in contact with a relaxer lotion for some time. Then, they will wash off any leftover lotion using a pH-neutral shampoo and a hydrating conditioner. Therefore, people are unlikely to put much effort into styling their hair if it’s smooth and straight. Furthermore, they no longer have frizzy hair. 

Hair straightening using chemical medications may be dangerous and even deadly if used excessively. Countless examples demonstrate that the medication causes pain, similar to cancer. Consequently, many people pursue compensation by suing a hair injury lawsuit. 

The Most Harmful Side Effects of Hair Relaxers that Require Filing Hair Injury Lawsuit

No one may sue for a hair injury lawsuit unless they can prove that the harm occurred. For instance, there are adverse effects that users of hair relaxers endure. Furthermore, hair relaxer lotion contains chemicals that are not entirely harmless, such as Bisphenol A (BPA), formaldehyde, parabens, and metals. 

Hence, they have the potential to induce burns to the scalp, alopecia, and even cancer, according to some studies. Here are a few adverse consequences that may have a significant impact, such as:

1. Inflammation

The scalp will be heated using your body heat by a hair relaxer. So, relaxers that remain in your hair for an extended time might eventually create inflammation and damage the hair follicles.

2. Threat of Uterine Cancer

According to the NIEHS research, the most typical kind of cancer linked to chemical hair straighteners among women is uterine cancer. The uterus is the primary site of origin for this cancer. 

Approximately, 65,000 American women are diagnosed with uterine cancer each year. Furthermore, endometrial cancer, which develops in the uterine lining, is the clinical presentation of almost 90% of cases.

3. A pH Discord on the Scalp

Abra Kadabra Hair & Healing’s CEO and founder, Abra McField, claims that inflammation or swelling of the scalp may lead to a pH imbalance. Nevertheless, the pH balance of the relaxer, the amount of time the product remains on the scalp, and your pH level are all factors to consider. 

People may experience a burning sensation on their scalp, but they choose to ignore it.

4. Fibroids in the Uterus

Myomas and fibroids of the uterus are harmless tumors that develop inside and around the uterus. Additionally, uterine fibroids can establish themselves in the cervix, fallopian tubes, or tissue around the uterus. However, they eventually arise in the uterine muscle tissue.

5. Fibroids in the Uterus

Currently, there is no proof that hair relaxers promote breast cancer. Nevertheless, the Black Women’s Health Study found some indication that using alkali-based hair relaxers too often can increase the risk of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer.

Several adverse consequences above lead people to initiate legal proceedings and attorneys to investigate hair relaxers’ side effects by filing lawsuits.

All About The Investigation into Hair Straighteners

In 2012, concerns about the link between chemical hair relaxers and uterine cancer first surfaced. However, on October 17, 2022, a study by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) indicated that uterine cancer was found in women who regularly used hair relaxers compared to those who never used them. 

They accomplished this by tracking 33,497 American women from 35 to 74 for over eleven years. Consequently, many studies on the effects of hair straightening treatments have been conducted since then. The findings confirm what was previously found on the effects of chemical relaxants and hair products.

Then, studies and investigations proceeded until the victims filed a hair injury lawsuit because they had suffered. By hiring lawyers, they hope to obtain responsibility from the makers of hair relaxer product defendants to compensate the sufferer.

The Products Which are Being Sued for Hair Injury Lawsuit 

Hair damage claims have implicated several hair relaxer products in a hair injury lawsuit. Moreover, some companies are cosmetics manufacturers that actively distribute products for straightening containing carcinogenic ingredients. Despite that, they are careless in not disclosing that their products pose health risks. 

A few examples of these companies are:

  • Softsheen-Carson (Optimum Relaxer)
  • Dark & Lovely
  • Motions Hair from Strength of Nature Global, LLC
  • ORS Hair Care (Namaste Laboratories, LLC)
  • Just For Me from Strength of Nature Global, LLC
  • African Pride (Godrej Group)
  • L’Oréal USA, Inc. (and L’Oréal USA Products, Inc.)

There have been cases involving hair injuries, and several brands mentioned above have been named defendants. On the other hand, victims of these goods frequently request compensation via manufacturers’ admission of fault when they sue for them.

What You Must Think About Before You Get Your Settlement

Naturally, there is an objective or intended outcome in pursuing a hair injury case.  For instance, the purpose of a hair injury lawsuit case would get financial recompense for the victim’s suffering. 

However, before you can get the settlement, you must understand that the outcome of a hair damage lawsuit depends on several critical elements, including:

  • certain kind of harm
  • injury’s seriousness
  • the impact on future employment and potential to work
  • the cost of necessary medical care
  • the extent to which one suffered
  • duration of treatment with hair relaxers
  • wide variety of hair relaxers

Quickly Contact an Attorney About Your Hair Injury!

File a hair injury lawsuit immediately if you are a victim of hair relaxers. Consequently, you may avoid more losses by filing a case as soon as possible to receive a settlement. Nonetheless, you should not be concerned since several reputable legal organizations provide this assistance. So, hire the top attorney now!

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