Houston Medical Device Injury Lawyers: 4 Steps to File a Lawsuit

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Houston Medical Device Injury Lawyers: 4 Steps to File a Lawsuit

While medical devices are essential for treating patients, sometimes, they can lead to injury. That’s why Houston medical device injury lawyers are needed to maximize the compensation you gain after the injury. But what kind of medical devices can lead to injury? 

Let’s find out the medical device types and which steps you need to follow to file a lawsuit properly through this post!

Types of Medical Devices that Can Cause Injury

Some device-related injuries you can suffer may vary, such as scars and mental distress. Furthermore, mental pain can result in altered body image or permanent hair loss. Thus, you need to know what kind of devices that can make those injuries. According to 3M Science, here is the list of common medical device injuries:

  • feeding tubes,
  • foley catheters,
  • restraints,
  • intravenous catheters,
  • negative pressure wound therapy,
  • oxygen delivery tubes, and
  • bedpans.

Other than those medical devices, several other devices can cause pressure injuries, too. Here is the list of devices you need to be aware of:

  • phones,
  • hearing aids,
  • remotes,
  • pens,
  • food, and
  • glasses.

Since injuries can result from any device, ensure you discuss the case with experienced Houston medical device injury lawyers. 

4 Steps to File A Lawsuit

Delaying the time to file a lawsuit can decrease your chance of getting maximum compensation. If you have a concern related to how you can file a lawsuit, ensure you do all these five steps to handle your case. 

1. Record your Symptoms and Keep the Device

First thing first, you need to record all your symptoms when getting an injury due to a medical device. Write the details and keep all the defective medical devices which caused you the damages. Don’t forget to write the symptoms you suffered and the complete date when you experienced those symptoms.

If you have any paperwork associated with the device, keep all of them as proof. For instance, you can provide the receipt while discussing the case with your lawyer.

2. Get the Medical Attention

Don’t forget to go through a proper examination while collecting the evidence. The sooner you get medical care, the higher the chance for speedy recovery. Getting all the necessary documents to file a case may be necessary. Still, don’t ever neglect your health because of this case.

Remember to keep the medical records, too. The existence of medical records can show substantial proof to claim the payouts from the injury.

3. Check the Other Victims

The other victims may also feel the same suffering. Therefore, it’s best for you also to research whether other victims are harmed due to the same medical devices. You can check the details on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website for similar cases.

Yet, even if there are no similar cases, consider reporting your case to the FDA as a part of helping the community. 

4. Contact Houston Medical Device Injury Lawyers

After finishing the steps above, it’s time for you to call the medical injury lawyer to take care of your lawsuit. Medical device injury can potentially become mass tort claims, meaning that the possibility of others having the same cases is high. It can be challenging to handle, but it opens the chance of gaining the maximum indemnity.

However, even though you may win your case, remember to have a prominent lawyer to handle the lawsuit. The more qualified your attorney is, the higher the chance you can profit from the case.

6 Procedures to Handle Your Case

All the lawyers have their procedures to take care of a case. However, as you can see below, most attorneys will take the following steps to handle the lawsuits.

1. Check your medical reports and treatment to decide how your injuries happened. They will check the timeline you provided, too.

2. Investigate the hospital and physician to whom you were treated to prove their negligence.

3. Interview the engineers regarding the device you have used.

4. Find out the details of the manufacturer’s company to report the defects.

5. Determine who’s responsible for paying you compensation.

6. Try to get your maximum compensation.

Most lawyers, especially the Houston medical device injury lawyers, will carefully perform these steps. So, be patient while waiting for your case to be handled since taking care of cases can’t be done hastily.

4 Compensation You Can Gain

Victims always have the potential to gain maximum compensation. Kinds of financial support that can compensate for both economic and non-economic damages can be found below.

1. Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are the initial compensation you can expect from the medical device injury. Types of medical expenses that can be compensated include medical costs you have used for treatment and the anticipated bills for future therapy. 

2. Lost of Income

Most victims can suffer the loss of income since they can not work properly as before. Thus, you can expect maximum payouts from filing your medical device injury case. 

3. Suffering and Pain

Even though suffering and pain can’t be compared to financial damages, at least you can use the compensation to consult your worries with a psychiatrist. An experienced lawyer can help you to seek this type of compensation.

4. Wrongful Death

Lastly, if your family has suffered a fatal consequence due to medical device damages, you can be eligible to recover wrongful death damages. 

2 Leading Houston Medical Device Injury Lawyers

For your reference, here are some medical device injury lawyers in Houston you can ask to handle your case. 

1. Osborne & Francis

The attorneys specializing in personal injury, Osborne & Francis, will gladly take your case regarding defective medical devices. They would do their best to maximize your payouts since Osborne & Francis have done this work for years.

Osborne & Francis also have proven their ability to handle medical injuries by winning a $2.000.000,00 verdict. Therefore, don’t waste your time and contact Osborne & Francis directly. 

2. WRSMH Law

To ensure you’ve experienced medical malpractice, you can always trust WRSMH Law to consult your case. The attentive attorneys will take great care of your lawsuit and update you about your case. Moreover, other than medical malpractice, you can always talk about other cases that concern you.

For further details, contact WRSMH Law immediately for a comprehensive answer.

Talk to Your Houston Medical Device Injury Lawyers Now!

Types of medical injury can vary, and the steps to file a lawsuit may be tiring. But you may find peace and justice once you consult your case with the professionals. Furthermore, remember always to trust the process so you won’t regret reporting your issue to the leading attorneys.

Pick one of the recommended Houston medical device injury lawyers on the list above for comprehensive case handling. Do it as soon as possible to get what you deserve.

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