Oil Field Injury Lawyers: How to Solve the Oil Field Injury Case

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Oil Field Injury Lawyers: How to Solve the Oil Field Injury Case

The injury rates in the oil and gas industry are considered the highest among the other sectors. Therefore, oil field injury lawyers are needed for the victims who want to report their cases. However, before stepping your stomp to the case, make sure to be optimally prepared. 

Find out the nitty-gritty regarding the oil field injury through this discussion. 

5 Types of Oilfield Injury

Some oilfield workers may have experienced oilfield accidents causing injuries. Here are five types of oilfield injuries that an experienced lawyer can handle so you can get financial compensation.

  • Burns,
  • fractures,
  • neck and back injuries,
  • severed limbs, and
  • paralysis.

If you’ve suffered from the oilfield injuries mentioned above, contact one of the experienced oil field injury lawyers to get your case handled. The faster you consult the case with the lawyer, the higher the probability you’ll get the maximum compensation.

4 Types of Compensation You Can Get

The indemnity is based on the damages you experience caused by the accident. You can expect four kinds of compensation you can gain after filing your case from the defendant.

1. Loss of Wages

As the victim of an oilfield accident, you can expect financial compensation since you may be unable to work because of the injuries causing you to lose wages.  

2. Medical Bills

Besides gaining financial indemnity, you can also earn compensation for the medical expenses you’ve paid. The medical costs can include rehabilitation, medical equipment, and surgery bills.

3. Mental Distress

Having mental distress after experiencing severe injuries is highly possible. You may get financial compensation to have a thorough consultation with a psychiatrist to heal your mental anguish. Please do not neglect your mental health because it’s as important as your physical health.

4. Exemplary Damages

Lastly, you may be entitled to exemplary or punitive damages if the jury considered your case intentionally done by the defendants. The existence of exemplary damages is intended to punish the defendants so that they won’t make the same mistake.

8 Vital Proofs to File Your Case

Oil field injury lawyers will need several types of evidence to show whether you can gain compensation. At least there are eight vital proofs you need to bring to your legal representative in your consultation, as follows:

  • pictures of the job site (before and after the accident);
  • photos of your injuries;
  • medical records;
  • eyewitnesses’ written statements;
  • employer information;
  • employer accident reports;
  • your testimonial of the day of the accident; and
  • employer insurance information.

The oil field injury lawyers can quickly bring your case into court by presenting these proofs. So, ensure you get all the needed evidence to gain the maximum compensation from the defendant.

How to File an Oilfield Injury Claim?

After completing all the necessary proofs to show the severity of your injury, you can do the following steps to file your claim. Look at the three essential steps you need to do below.

1. Inform your Employer about the Injury 

The initial thing you should do is inform your employer about the injury you suffered. While you may think you can still do the work after getting hurt, the probability you can gain payouts is slim if you delay this step. Hence, remember to inform the employer as soon as you get the injury, along with the details.

2. Bring All the Proofs

As mentioned above, you should collect all the proofs to file your claim. Remember not to leave even one document to be submitted to your lawyer. Bear in mind that the more detailed evidence you can give to your lawyer, the more you will gain the maximum compensation.

3. Contact Oil Field Injury Lawyers

After informing the injury to your employer and providing all the proofs, you can immediately contact the specialized lawyer to file your case. A specialized lawyer will be able to help you understand all the case options and detailed information about the possible indemnity you can get.

Therefore, check all case details while consulting with your lawyer. When you can give all the concrete proofs and facts, your lawyer can give you better options to win your case quickly.

3 Recommended Oil Field Injury Lawyers

You may need help picking a suitable lawyer for your oilfield injury case. You may choose one of these three recommended lawyers to win your case to ease your concern. 

1. Gibson Hill Personal Injury

At Gibson Hill Personal Injury, you can put your mind at ease, as Gibson Hill only has experienced lawyers on duty. Furthermore, you can look at the testimonial page on their site, where all their clients are delighted with their work. Get your free consultation from Gibson Hill as soon as possible!

To schedule a free consultation, visit the Gibson Hill Personal Injury website for further information or call (713) 929-2505 immediately for further assistance.

2. FCHC Accident & Injury Lawyers

Since FCHC only concentrates on accident and injury cases, you can entrust your oilfield case to their specialized oil field injury lawyers. Other than offering a free consultation, FCHC Accident and Injury Lawyers also offer a contingency-based fee. Meaning, they would only be paid after you successfully gained your compensation.

So, save your time thinking about your oilfield accident case by yourself. Go contacting FCHC Accident & Injury Lawyers by dialing 505-243-6045. You can contact them via the website, too.

3. Kemmy Law Firm

You may be thinking that you can be fired after reporting your accident. However, Kemmy Law Firm can stand for you since they stick to the worker protection laws, which prohibit your employer from firing you. Therefore, you can rest assured while reporting your case to your chosen lawyer.

With 50 years of experience, Kemmy Law Firm is confident they can win your case and get the compensation you deserve. Don’t worry about anything, and immediately visit Kemmy Law Firm’s website to consult your oilfield accident case. 

Get Your Case Solved by the Oil Field Injury Lawyers Now!

Since there are many types of oilfield injuries, it’s natural that you have to contact a prominent lawyer to solve your case. With the help of legal assistance and all the essential proofs to give, chances are you can gain compensation.

Therefore, submit all the evidence you have to get the maximum payouts. Contact the oil field injury lawyers immediately to determine whether you have all the proofs needed. Don’t waste any more time to get what you deserve!

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