Get to Know What Does a Maritime Injury Lawyer Do to Win a Case

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Get to Know What Does a Maritime Injury Lawyer Do to Win a Case

What does a maritime injury lawyer do? This kind of question might have passed through your mind. Maritime injury lawyers focus on the cases that occur at sea and lead to injury whether it is minor injury or major. If you are curious about this topic, this article is highly recommended for you to gain new information. 

Maritime Injury Lawyer Overview

A maritime injury lawyer is someone who can handle maritime injury cases based on the maritime law scheme. They would work under maritime law such as admiralty law and international maritime law to determine your cases. For this reason, maritime injury lawyers would work on specific areas.

What does a maritime injury lawyer do with their specific areas such as assisting maritime workers who are injured. They also can help cruise ship passengers who are injured during their vacation at sea. Mainly, a maritime injury lawyer would help you to negotiate with vessel owners and third-party operators.

This negotiation discusses applied contracts for all parties involved in the accident. Several elements such as commercial fishing vessels, cargo shipping companies, gas companies, cruise lines, and harbor and dock workers are necessary. Those are major elements of maritime injury lawyers to determine the case.

However, legal services provided by maritime injury lawyers would vary. It depends on the specific area of each lawyer over a case. For instance, if you are involved in an accident that causes a wrongful death, you need a lawyer who has a focus area on it. This action is necessary since your lawyer would help you to deal with the law.

What Does a Maritime Injury Lawyer Do?

In the big picture, a maritime injury lawyer will do assignments based on each focus area. Yet, it is more likely to advocate for injured clients, especially those who work at sea and have an activity there. So, what does a maritime injury lawyer do?

1. Doing an Investigation

An initial responsibility of a maritime injury lawyer is to investigate the case and determine the ground. A maritime injury lawyer is also responsible for gathering case proofs from witnesses by interviewing them related to the accident. The interview results will be used to analyze and review the vessel’s condition.

Using accurate reports, a lawyer will be able to build a strong case with strong proof. This action is to establish liability and the maximum coverage you could get.

2. Regulate the Law

Certain law schemes represent the maritime law as kind of complex rather than the others. Therefore, you need to hire a maritime injury lawyer. One of the assignments of what does a maritime injury lawyer do is to help you determine your case with the most relatable maritime law type. 

After acknowledging the case ground, your lawyer will distinguish the legal landscape including the statute of limitations for your case. You have to be wise in the law regulations to protect your rights after an accident. Those all are becoming maritime injury lawyers’ responsibility.

3. Insurance Negotiation

Insurance is the most necessary aspect for every worker at sea. The insurance will cover the ensured aspects such as medical expenses and other injury damages. Then, what does a maritime injury lawyer do in this situation is make a deal with your insurance company. 

A lawyer will ask for the right amount of insurance you deserve. However, some insurance companies do dirty on their clients. They would decrease the amount of your insurance and pay it less. In this case, your lawyer will help to negotiate for it and to get maximum coverage as your policy mentioned. 

The amount of maximum settlement you could get must be enough to cover certain aspects of your life, including:

1. Maintenance and Cure

In maritime law, maintenance and cure are the most necessary settlement for all injured sea workers and people at sea. Maintenance is used for your daily housing and living costs after an accident. On the other hand, cure refers to medical bills to cover your medical recovery. 

2. Income Replacement

Jones Act is the one of maritime law that can be used to cover your case. You can claim income replacement using the Jones Act. Nonetheless, this scheme is more likely used for a harbor, port, and dock worker. 

3. Disability

After an accident and your injury becomes severe, you can claim disability coverage. You can file your claim under both the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). 

4. On Behalf of Clients in Court

Additionally, what does a maritime injury lawyer do is to be on your behalf in court. This way, the lawyer can make a deal for your compensation when it fails to come to the insurance company. Your lawyer will make another negotiation with the court for a fair settlement of your injuries. 

Hiring a professional maritime injury lawyer will be helpful since they are expected to have a deep knowledge of maritime law. You will be able to reach the goal of maximum compensation through the court decision. Further, your lawyer will do particular things to fight for your case, such as:

  • Collecting evidence by photos, videos, and witness statements. 
  • Presenting negligent conditions such as degrading vessels.
  • Handle all legal reports.
  • Presenting all documents to the court.

5. Legal Services

As a lawyer, they could provide legal services to advocate for you about your current maritime accident. This service allows you to ask questions related to your case and anything about maritime law that can be used for your claim. 

For instance, if you are experiencing an accident at sea and cause injury, when you do not know what to do better call your maritime injury lawyer. What does a maritime injury lawyer do for you is to give you legal advice and examine the next step you should take. 

Maritime Injury Lawyers to Protect Your Damages

Hiring a maritime injury lawyer who is an expert in maritime law is necessary to help you protect your rights. What does a maritime injury lawyer do is to provide you assistance to investigate your case and fight for your case. Become on your behalf, they will negotiate for the maximum settlement you deserve.

You should hire a maritime injury lawyer who is familiar with maritime law. They will examine the maritime law for you and advise you on the right way to fight for your rights. Additionally, some maritime lawyers do not make any payment if they lose your case. Make sure to choose one lawyer with focus areas related to your case!

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