Birth Injury Lawyer Houston: 5 Ultimate Tips to Choose One

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Birth Injury Lawyer Houston: 5 Ultimate Tips to Choose One

If your child is diagnosed with a birth injury and suspects the injury was caused by a doctor or hospital staff mistakes, hiring a birth injury lawyer Houston might be a good idea. These lawyers can help you get compensation to cover the costs of caring for a child with a health issue or disability due to the birth injury. 

The best birth injury attorneys usually focus only on this kind of law and are ready to work without asking for legal fees upfront. This means you wouldn’t have to pay anything unless they win your case. Find out the tips on finding the perfect birth injury lawyer for your family in this post!

What Is a Birth Injury?

A baby’s delivery is a crucial process since the baby is still weak, hence prone to the slightest danger that might happen during the process. A slight mistake or complicated birth may trigger a birth trauma or injury which effects cause various problems to the baby’s body and health condition. Even more, it puts the baby’s life at risk. 

What Are the Causes?

According to Stanford Medicine Children Health, a tough birth or harm to the baby may happen because of the baby’s size or how the baby is positioned during childbirth. Some reasons for a hard birth include:

  • baby weight is over 8 pounds;
  • premature birth;
  • the mother’s pelvis isn’t the right size;
  • difficult labor or dystocia;
  • labor takes a long time;
  • the baby’s position during birth; and 
  • maternal obesity.

What Is the Eligibility to File a Birth Injury Lawsuit?

Sometimes it’s not clear if a human error caused a child’s birth injury. You might not remember everything or feel unsure about the doctor’s or medical staff’s actions. Thus, if you reside in Houston and your baby suffers a birth injury, speaking with a birth injury lawyer Houston to find out if you can take legal action is a wise option. 

The legal representative may help you to do a deep check of your situation with medical experts to see if there was medical malpractice.

How Much Are Birth Injury Settlements?

Usually, the amount of settlements for a birth injury depends on the type of harm and lawsuit. For instance, when birth injury cases end up going to trial, the usual amount of settlements is between $1.3 million and $1.6 million. However, many of these cases are confidential so the average might be lower.

Meanwhile, if a birth injury case doesn’t go to trial but gets settled, the average amount of money is usually less, around $400,000 to $500,000. Overall, settlements for birth injuries are usually higher than those for regular medical malpractice cases.

5 Tips to Choose a Birth Injury Lawyer Houston

In Houston, numerous lawyers have offered legal help for childbirth injuries. Let’s review the following five important things to consider when selecting a birth injury lawyer in Houston.

1. Specialization on Birth Injury Cases

First of all, it’s necessary to look for a law firm that concentrates on handling birth injury cases. While it doesn’t have to be their sole focus, their lawyers should have substantial experience dealing with situations similar to yours. Experience is crucial in complex cases like birth injuries.

2. Track Record of Birth Injury Cases

When you find some options, check the law firms’ previous case results to measure their experience in birth injury cases. While past results can’t guarantee future outcomes, seeing that they’ve helped other families receive significant compensation for the case in the topic will surely impact your trust in their abilities.

3. Client Testimonials

Bear in mind to check the clients’ testimonials because the feedback from happy clients can also guide your decision. Numerous positive testimonials and five-star reviews generally indicate the quality of service you may expect from the birth injury lawyer Houston.

4. A Team of Skilled Birth Injury Lawyers

Successfully handling a complex birth injury case requires a team of attorneys with the right knowledge and experience. Thus, choose a firm with multiple lawyers experienced in dealing with hospitals, doctors, and healthcare providers.

5. Effective Communication and Dedication to Your Family’s Recovery

Last but not least, choose a lawyer who communicates well and shows dedication to your family’s recovery. You can schedule a free initial consultation to ask questions and assess the firm’s commitment to fighting for your family.

3 Recommendations for the Best Birth Injury Lawyer Houston

Based on the tips explained above, we recommend the top birth injury lawyers in the Houston area for a more efficient search! 

1. Hastings Law Firm

The Hastings Law Firm has skilled birth injury lawyers who have successfully helped many families get justice and compensation. They know the laws in Texas about medical mistakes and work hard to make sure doctors take responsibility for their errors. 

Birth injuries can be tough for families, both emotionally and financially, and the firm promises to be helpful during legal procedures. They provide a free meeting to discuss your case, explain what you can do legally, and strive to get you the best compensation possible. Thus, contact them at 346-245-5495 to start consulting!

2. Reich & Binstock

Our second recommendation is Reich & Binstock. They’re one of the most experienced law firms that can support you during tough times. Additionally, they comprehend the challenges you’re facing and aim to assist those in need. 

Broadly speaking, after experiencing a birth injury, the thought of dealing with a lawsuit might be overwhelming. However, the firm recognizes the importance of seeking compensation for the injury. Therefore, get in touch with them to arrange your first free meeting at 713-622-7271!

3. Sutliff & Stout, PLLC

Sutliff & Stout believe that everyone, no matter their wealth or social status, deserves top-quality legal help. Graham Sutliff and Hank Stout, the founders, are dedicated to treating their clients with care, individual attention, and dignity.

Birth injury lawyer Houston can manage all your legal matters while you focus on recovering with your child.  Thus, if you suspect your baby has a birth injury due to negligence, contact them at (713) 987-7111 to arrange a free consultation.

Choose a Birth Injury Lawyer Houston Wisely to Get Your Rights!

Choosing the right birth injury lawyer in Houston is such a good step to ensure you get the support and justice you deserve. Thus, make decisions by considering their experience, track record, and dedication to helping your family.

By selecting a skilled and compassionate attorney, you can empower yourself to protect your rights and seek fair compensation for any birth injury. Hence, choose wisely to make a significant difference in the compensation and the well-being of your family!

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