Maritime Injury Lawyers: 5 Help They Provide for Your Case

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Maritime Injury Lawyers: 5 Help They Provide for Your Case

People who work in maritime sectors may get injuries that can lead to lifetime conditions. The injuries, indeed, can be severe, for they can lead to permanent disabilities, financial loss, and even death. If this condition happens, then you need maritime injury lawyers who can handle your cases and settlements professionally.

What Maritime Injury Lawyers Do?

If accidents happen to your beloved people while working on a vessel and offshore, it is important to look for the services of maritime injury attorneys. However, how exactly does a maritime injury lawyer handle your cases and compensations?

1. Investigating the Accidents

Investigating the accident is one of the primary roles of a maritime injury attorney. This investigation is a vital step to determine the cause and the liability parties. This part process involves interviewing the witnesses, reviewing the maintenance records of the vessels, and analyzing relevant evidence.

Moreover, it is an important phase since the findings of this investigation also serve as a tool to construct a strong case. Hence, your lawyer can prove the liability and help you to receive maximum compensation.

2. Determining the Relevant Law

Maritime injury attorneys can help you direct which laws apply to a particular case. They will analyze the facts of the case and identify the applicable statutes and regulations. This step allows to ensure the client’s rights are protected and they receive their entitled compensation under the law.

3. Maritime Injury Lawyers Assisting Insurance Claim Process

Mostly, maritime workers are required to have insurance that covers their injuries. However, many insurance companies are only about minimizing payouts. Maritime attorneys can help negotiate with insurance companies to make sure that their clients have received full compensation under the policies.

4. Representing Clients in Court

If negotiation with insurance companies does not go well then maritime injury attorneys can represent you in the court. A skilled and experienced attorney in this field can present a convincing case that proves liability and shows the extent of their client’s damages. Thus, the attorneys can help to recover maximum compensation.

5. Providing Legal Guidance

Specialized attorneys in the case mentioned can help their clients comprehend their rights, explain the legal procedures, and answer any questions regarding the case from the clients. It is indeed very beneficial, especially for clients who are unfamiliar with maritime injury law and the legal process in general.

Cases and Compensation That Maritime Injury Lawyers Can Handle

Research found that the average fatality rate for offshore workers is 27, 1 deaths per 100,000 employees. In case you or your beloved people are injured or dead in an offshore-related accident, then you need to hire highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced maritime injury lawyers to assist you.

Maritime accidents can lead to all kinds of injuries. In maritime settings, certain injuries are categorized as common. For example, burns, dislocated and broken bones, facial injuries, inhalation injuries, and loss of digits and limbs.

3 Types of Claims According to Maritime Laws

The injuries and damages that happen to maritime workers are governed by maritime laws. Under this law, injured offshore workers who qualified as ‘seamen’ can potentially file one (or more) of these following claims.

1. Maintenance and Cure

This is a ‘no-fault’ benefit which means you could file a claim even if the employer is not at fault for the injury. It is also a limited benefit, meaning that the benefit will only cover medical expenses and a small portion of the worker’s lost wages.

2. Jones Act Negligence

This one is named after one of the maritime laws. You could sue your employer if they are at fault. This benefit will give you full compensation for your injury-related losses. These include full lost wages, pain, suffering, and other financial or non-financial harm (both present and in the future).

3. Unseaworthiness

If you got injured because your vessel is unseaworthy, you could be able to claim full compensation for your loss. Several factors can make a vessel become unseaworthy, such as insufficient maintenance, dangerous equipment, and lack of safety gear.

3 Maritime Injury Lawyers to Handle Your Cases

The aftermath of offshore workers’ injuries can be very stressful and devastating. Not only because of the severe physical injuries but the legal process for compensation of maritime workers is considered more complex and difficult. Here are our recommendations for offshore injury lawyers to help you handle your cases.

1. Arnold & Itkin Trial, LLP

As one of the renowned injury law firms in the US, Arnold & Itkin, LLP has helped countless maritime workers and their families claim their rightful compensation. This law firm has experience in handling various maritime injury cases, such as offshore injuries, explosions of oil rags, and oil spill claims.

Arnold & Itkin, LLP committed to not receiving any payment fee if their clients do not get the rightful compensation. Get your free first case evaluation by calling 888-346-502.

2. Hofmann & Schweitzer, Maritime Injury Lawyers

At Hofmann & Schweitzer Law Firm, the attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of all maritime workers. Their knowledgeable and experienced maritime lawyers can help you understand your rights and work for the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

You could discuss information and options regarding legal claims for compensation after maritime injury with the professionals at Hoffmann & Schweitzer law firm. Book your FREE legal consultation right now by calling 800-362-9339 or 212-465-8840 or by contacting them online.

3. Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC

Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC is a chief maritime injury law firm that represents injured workers only. They do not represent ship owners, employers, or insurance companies. This law firm understands how injuries can change someone’s life drastically.

Maritime lawyers at Stacey & Jacobsen are dedicated to getting their clients full compensation for their injuries. With more than a decade in handling marine injury cases, this law firm will work maximally to achieve what is rightfully yours. 

Schedule a free consultation by calling 877-332-5529 or reaching out to them through their official website.

Why You Need Professional Legal Services from Maritime Injury Lawyers

Experiencing traumatic and fatal accidents such as maritime injuries may give you stressful and sorrowful moments in your life. However, your struggle may end well if you get professional help from maritime injury lawyers. The lawyers can give you beneficial advice regarding your case and help you claim your compensation.

It is necessary to find a lawyer with maritime injury experience. Success in this kind of case requires experience and specialized knowledge. With a skilled maritime lawyer, you can rest assured that you will have the best chance of getting the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries and loss. 

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