Car Accident Settlement Injury Process: 4 Critical Steps

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Car Accident Settlement Injury Process: 4 Critical Steps

Filing a case regarding a car accident can take a long time since the car accident injury settlement process needs you to bring some evidence. The evidence won’t only involve physicians and mechanical engineers, but you should have proof from the other driver’s testimony. 

Let’s review the list of proof you need to collect in this discussion!

6 Evidence You Need to Collect

You need to bring solid evidence to be reviewed by the lawyer and the insurance so that your chance to get maximum compensation for your case is better. Below is the list of at least six types of necessary documents.

  1. The official police report regarding the accident.
  2. Pictures of the accident scene, your vehicle, and the other driver’s car.
  3. Statement from the witnesses.
  4. Medical statement.
  5. Testimony from the other driver.
  6. The area of the accident.

After collecting those documents, you can go through the car accident settlement process. The process can be long, but you can get help from a professional lawyer to reduce the time handling the claim. 

4 Car Accident Injury Settlement Process

There are four steps you need to take to claim your rights. It started by submitting a personal injury claim, investigating the car accident, getting the answer from the insurance, and trying to seek a fair settlement. Learn thoroughly the details of each step below.

1. Submitting a Personal Injury Claim

If you happen to have a car accident injury because of the other driver’s fault, then the other driver is the one who should be held responsible. You can claim numerous types of damages to the driver, as follows:

  • medical costs,
  • lost fees,
  • disability,
  • pain and suffering,
  • mental distress and
  • reduced quality of life.

2. Investigating the Car Accident

Sometimes, an insurance company from the at-fault driver’s side will start investigating the accident. However, if the insurance company does not want to pay much for your damages, the possibility that they will ignore your rights in the car accident injury settlement process is high.

You should speak with a leading car accident injury lawyer to avoid that risk. This way, you can thoroughly investigate, as the lawyer will do his best to help you. The kinds of investigation you need to do are written below.

  • obtain photographs of the accident scene and your physical injuries;
  • write all the expenses down;
  • get the police report’s copy;
  • visit the physician to examine your injuries; and
  • get the witnesses’ names.

3. Getting the Answer from the Insurance

There are only two answers from the insurance: either you’ll get the approval or otherwise. While getting a denial is common, the next step is to ask why your claim was denied. Hence, you must be accompanied by the car accident lawyer to fix this issue.

It’s the same when you’re getting approval from the insurance company. They might be agreed to pay your damages; however, you still need to be cautious. Their approval to compensate for your damages doesn’t mean they will pay you an adequate indemnity.

4. Seeking a Fair Settlement with a Car Accident Lawyer

Since the possibility of the insurance company paying you a good deal is relatively low, you don’t have to accept the settlement immediately. You can always negotiate a fair payout based on your damages and costs.

While the car accident injury settlement process is complex, you still stand a chance. Help from an experienced lawyer is all you need. Thus, don’t waste any more time and contact the lawyer immediately.

Value of Compensation

The settlement for car accidents may vary, but you can expect to gain around $21.000. You can carefully calculate your damages, and if it’s proved that you have extreme damage, you can easily claim the maximum payouts. While calculating the exact amount of your damages, discuss it with your lawyer.

In addition, if you’re winning the trial, you may need to wait within 85 days for the insurance company to pay your damages. Sometimes, the insurer also needs time to issue a check to the claimant, so you may need to wait several weeks. To sum up, the compensation issue can take several months to handle.

Yet, don’t give up on redeeming your rights. You can still hope for the best result if you’re not at fault.

3 Top Car Accident Injury Settlement Process Lawyers

You can obtain a great value of financial compensation if you pick the right lawyer to handle the car accident injury case. Therefore, below, you can find a list of the prominent lawyers to work on your car accident case. 

1. Easton & Easton

This law firm can prove its ability to obtain the compensation you deserve. Easton & Easton’s 20 years of practice can ensure you a high probability of winning your case. Furthermore, Easton & Easton’s founder, Douglas Easton, was chosen as a Top 100 Litigation Lawyer in California by The American Society of Legal Advocates.

To have your case appropriately handled by Easton & Easton, contact them by visiting their website here

2. John Foy & Associates

Are you getting confused about how to file a car accident injury case? John Foy & Associates may be the right choice whenever you want to consult about your issue. Since John Foy understands how the damages caused by a car accident can be severe, you won’t regret discussing it thoroughly with them.

Have your case solved as soon as possible with their lawyers by visiting the John Foy & Associates website.

3. Morgan & Morgan

While waiting for the car accident injury settlement process can be tiring, you can still rest assured due to Morgan & Morgan’s ability. Moreover, Morgan & Morgan is a proud law firm with over 900 attorneys on duty. They also have a great history of recovering up to $ for their clients.

You can get a free case evaluation by completing the form on their website. Get your case handled now before it’s too late!

Ready to Undertake the Car Accident Injury Settlement Process?

Always remember that you must collect all the evidence without missing details. The more detailed your proofs are, the higher your chance of being fairly compensated. Furthermore, you may check the recommendations of car accident lawyers above to get the best solution for your case.

While the car accident injury settlement process may be long and tiring, remember that you must redeem your rights. Even though it’s not easy, you can still gain your victory after a long process.

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