Houston Car Accident Injury Lawyers: 8 Experienced Lawyers to Pick

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Houston Car Accident Injury Lawyers: 8 Experienced Lawyers to Pick

Houston car accident injury lawyers are the ones you can rely on when trying to file a case and get the proper payouts. However, how can the Houston car accident attorneys take care of your case? Find out what you should do after a car accident and the recommended lawyers to pick.

How You Should Act After A Car Accident?

First, you need to keep calm after being involved in a car accident. Only by keeping calm after an accident can you evaluate your situation. After that, you can immediately follow the steps below.

1. Call 911

If you’re able to call 911, do so immediately. However, you can also ask for help from the surroundings to call the ambulance. Usually, an investigating officer will come when there’s a report from the accident scene. When you are involved in a hit-and-run accident, call the police and inform them about the vehicle and driver.

2. Get All the Witnesses’ Information

Obtain all the possible information regarding everyone associated with the car accident. For instance, you can keep their name, phone number, insurance information, license plate number, and address. Try to gain all the information without arguing about who’s at fault.

3. Take Photographs

You can show the Houston car accident injury lawyers photographs you’ve taken on the scene. Photographs can be strong proof to obtain maximum compensation, and if you can take a video, it will be better. Don’t forget to take photos of your injuries and the vehicle’s damages. The damages on other vehicles will also needed.

4. Write All the Details 

You can record the accident details in your diary besides photos and video footage. The points can be a timeline and the accident location. You may add the weather conditions, construction (if any), and road hazards.

5. Get a Medical Treatment

Seek medical treatment immediately (within 24 hours) so your injury can heal quickly. Sometimes, even if you can’t feel anything serious, you may have a severe internal injury. For example, a concussion, traumatic brain injury, or whiplash won’t affect your physical body much, so you need to get examined directly.

Keep your medical report to file a case later.

6. Contact Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company, but don’t tell them too much about your car accident. Keep everything brief, and you can save the details to tell your lawyer about the case.

7. Seek Houston Car Accident Injury Lawyers

Lastly, you should find an experienced car accident lawyer to handle your case. Unlike how you should tell your insurance company, remember to give all the accident details to your lawyer. By telling them all the details, a lawyer can find you the most suitable legal option to win your compensation later.

8 Recommended Houston Car Accident Injury Lawyers

Winning a case may be hard if you can’t find a specialized car accident lawyer. Hence, you can pick one of three recommended car accident lawyers to claim victory. Look at the list below.

1. Charles J. Argento 

Charles J. Argento’s reputation in Houston as a car crash lawyer was among the best. Don’t waste more time for those seeking a damage settlement and call Charles J. Argento to gain the maximum payouts. If you give Charles J. Argento’s lawyer detailed proof of your accident, you can get through this quickly.

2. Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers 

Experienced lawyers from Brian White Personal Injury Lawyers will be able to fix and win your case. You may be able to reach them whenever you want since Brian White is available 24/7. Furthermore, you can choose to see them in their office, your house, your office, or the hospital.

3. Zehl & Associates 

The list of undefeated car accident lawyers can’t be completed without Zehl & Associates. Billions of payouts have been received by clients who have trusted their issues to Zehl & Associates. To win your case now, call Zehl & Associates for the best result.

4. Stewart J. Guss Injury Lawyers 

Since a car accident can be complex, Stewart J. Guss’ lawyers can listen to your story and give you the best solution for the case. As a Top Lawyer 2023, Stewart J. Guss can help you obtain what you deserve after experiencing a hazardous car accident injury.

5. Sutliff & Stout Accident Law Firm 

Another leading Houston car accident injury lawyers, Sutliff & Stout accident law firm, also has significant case handling experience. You can carefully discuss your case with Sutliff & Stout accident law firm to get detailed information about the process to claim your rights.

6. Hollingsworth Law Firm 

The positive reviews from many clients have been directed to Hollingsworth Law Firm ever since they opened. Hollingsworth can also estimate the compensation you deserve, and you can expect the maximum payouts after they handle your case.

7. Baumgartner Law Firm 

Why should you pick Baumgartner among other law firms? Baumgartner Law Firm stands out as one of the Houston car accident injury lawyers since they have won thousands of car accident cases. Super Lawyers have also recognized Baumgartner for excellence and expertise, so you can rest assured with them.

8. Herbert Trial Law 

Are you worried about the possibility your claim will be denied? Don’t be. Herbert Trial Law can turn the situation for you. The lawyers at Herbert will leave no stone unturned while investigating your case, so you can rest assured while giving your case’s details to them.

Discuss Your Case Thoroughly with Houston Car Accident Injury Lawyers!

You can feel terrified when you get in a car accident; however, all you need to do is keep calm. Only after you are calm can you quickly assess the situation, taking the necessary proof to show your lawyer and insurance company later. However, remember that you only need to give a brief situation to your insurance company.

Because an insurance company usually won’t want to pay you the maximum payouts for the damage you suffered. But you can trust Houston car accident injury lawyers to get fair compensation. Ensure you pick a good lawyer to deal with your case so you can reach maximum payouts in exchange for your injury.

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